Friday, October 31, 2008

Can I Overdose?!

Mynxee raised a great question .. just how many boosters can I take? With the bonuses offered, I can already see some pod pilots drooling to dose up and hit the stars.

But there are limits. Boosters work just like implants in many ways. There are 3 booster slots in your little pod brain. You can only use one booster at a time per slot. So while you can take more than one booster at a time, they have to be of different slots. This prevents people from doubling up on one set of bonsues. You cannot take another booster of that slot until the previous one has worn off.

The slot layout is as follows:

Slot 1: Blue Pill, Exile, Mindflood, and X-Instinct
Slot 2: Drop, Frentix, and Sooth Sayer
Slot 3: Crash

So you got to be choosy.
Slot 1 boosters give bonues to various tanks: shields, armor, cap, and speed.
Slot 2 gives bonuses to gunnery stats: optimal range, tracking, and falloff.
Slot 3 is for those missile freaks: explosion radius.

Taking multiple boosters does not increase the chances of side-effects over all. A side-effect check is made individually for each booster. So if you take 1 standard exile and 1 standard crash. You have 20% of the exile causing one of its side-effects and the same chance of the crash causing one. So there is a risk but it is not increased over the risk you normally take when using boosters.

Coming soon, boosters versus modules. Also coming soon, the great speed nerf and x-instinct. Yes, x-instinct got the nerf too but the changes are very interesting. I'll lay it all out for you ...

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Thanks for answering my question so well!