Monday, November 10, 2008

Bright Idea or Why It's Good to be a Gangster

I've been heartened by the responses I've received from this little blog. They echo some of the responses I've gotten to my rather clumsy efforts at cold-calling potential customers. There's nothing quite like a drug-dealer doing sales calls.

Often these sales calls (eve-mail) go unanswered. A few are unkindly returned with some blather about me being worse than an isk-seller or laughing at me for presuming that someone would want to fly "under the influence." But some are like the one I got recently. "Wow, I have my own dealer now! This game keeps getting better and better."

It felt great to be make a contribution to someone else's game experience. Its also the reason I wanted to be a drug-dealer ... cos its an frickin brilliant idea. And Eve is such a great game because it allows for such ideas to grow, to impact other players. The sandbox at its best.

I regularly browse the recruitment boards ... my cold-call list is revealed! I know there are as many play-styles as there are players in Eve. But I go into narcoleptic fits when I see posts for corps that do mining, mission running, industry. There's no idea there .. indeed, there's no there there. I mean, drug-producing does involve mining, production, market trading. But its got STYLE.

So I have to give it up to my corp/alliance once again for taking an idea and running with it in such style. So if you're looking for a niche out there, be creative .. be bold ..

psst .. be bolder with boosters ...


Mynxee said...

I remain quite mesmerized by this topic! It's as you say...there's a certain style...a rock and roll appeal to the whole idea of focusing industrial efforts on a "black market" endeavor.

Now on to my questions, since your posts always seem to inspire a lot of them: What's the demand like? How difficult is it for you to ramp production up or down to keep pace with changing demand? Do you war dec other dealers who infringe on your turf? Do you procure manufacturing materials all yourselves or use third parties for some of it? What exactly is involved in the manufacturing process? Are boosters being affected by changes in the Quantum Rise expansion? I thought I recalled something about that but am too lazy to read through the Great Icelandic Novel (aka patch notes) again to find out. And most importantly, do you drive around in spaceships that have the windows tinted real dark so no one can see who's in there with you?


Doodah Man said...

Mynxee .. you've outdone yourself with questions .. some are easy .. some are hard .. some are imprudent to discuss in an open channel :-D

Quantum Rise is leaving boosters largely untouched except for X-Instinct .. see above.

My ride? She's sweet when you can see her. Es & Whizz has its own "Pimp my ride" division :-p

Demand, Harvesting, Production, War Decs? ahem ... sorry I didn't hear the question .. ;-)

Actually, I'm planning some future posts on harvesting .. I'll let you know.

Sarah Barah said...

Hmm, if you ever head out to my area I could probably find you a few buyers. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Doodah Man said...

Sarah, eve-mail me! hehe ..