Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can I Look in Your Bag?

Ok, rounding out the most basic info on boosters, I wanted to talk about moving contraband through high-sec, or smuggling. When I'm selling boosters in high-sec, the most common question is "Just how do I move em?" This question is understandable. There's not a lot of information on smuggling out there and there's also another nasty number list to scare the wary.

First off, lets talk about those nasty numbers. Standard and higher grade combat boosters are contraband in all regions of Empire. Getting caught with them will earn you standing loss, confiscation, and a hefty, but ill-defined, fine. The consequences are the same for standard, improved, and strong grade .. no extra penalty for the "good stuff."

The standing loss is .10, hardly a deterrent. However the fine is 200% of estimated market value. Honestly, I have no idea how this estimated. I have never been caught so I can only estimate myself. Standard Exile sells on the market for between 6 and 8 million isk per unit. So if you're caught with 5 of em, that seems to be at least a 60 million ISK fine.

And lets be clear on the law ... possession in station is not illegal, being under the influence of a booster is not illegal, ONLY transporting contraband is illegal. If you want to be perfectly safe, ask for delivery to your hub. Pop em in station and undock. Es and Whizz is happy to accomodate you for a delivery fee.

I'm a little hesitant to go babbling about smuggling. There's a mystique about it, a real sense of mystery. So out of respect to the film-noir aura of smuggling, I won't spill the secrets ... sorry ;-)


Leumas said...

Aw, no hints on smuggling?

I have often wondered about the diligence of the customs officers. Specifically with moving tags (Gallente tags in Gallente space).

Doodah Man said...

sorries .. no secrets of the trade .. but i recommend you do some experimentation .. or you could always ply your favorite drug pusher with some isk ;-) .. lol

Leumas said...

I've never had problems before with getting tagged by customs, but safer is always better.

Unfortunately, I value my standings a little too much to go around trying to get caught to test the system.

If I had extra isk, I might be tempted to buy some insider information. Wallet is a little thin.

Mynxee said...

You, sir, are a tease. But still, an informative post.

I wonder at what point boosters become cost effective. Beyond the novelty of wanting to try them out, I can't imagine they are worth the cost unless you're flying a ship whose value is expensive enough to make the booster bonuses worth considering so as to increase changes of winning a pvp engagement.