Friday, November 21, 2008

Worth the Cost?

Catching up on the blog, I've had some thoughts. As usual, my thoughts were prompted by Mynxee's questions .. though she claims she didn't ask any, I know better ...

Boosters .. are they worth the cost? This isn't gonna be some number filled min/max analysis. Frankly there's too many variables to really answer this question. Rather, I'd just like to look at the question in the context of Eve. Eve, our one true addiction, is simply amazing .. the min/max analysis fails because of play choice and almost limitless options.

Mynxee's musing (that better than question?) was that given the cost of standard boosters (5-8 million per unit ... if you are paying more per unit of standard, give me a call! You're getting ripped off!), boosters seemed to expensive an option for anything but your nice, shiny T2 ships. While that cost analysis holds for frigates, destroyers, and cruisers, there are lots more pricey ships that might warrant the cost of boosters. But I promised, no numbers. She figured that if insurance can actually cover the measley cost of your T1 ship, why invest in boosters. But are boosters worth it only to keep your ship from going pop?! I can hear the chorus of isk-strapped pilots saying, "hell yeah!" But really, Eve is so open-ended that I can't account for every tactical situation.

Here's just one tale .. once upon a time, I was a lousy lousy tackler in a roving gang. Now, I didn't suck just cos I would constantly get popped (though I did) .. I sucked cos I didn't get the job done, I couldn't keep the target scrambled long enough to allow the dps-ers to come in and pound the poor sap. Now, even with boosters, I probably still would've gotten popped. But I might have lasted just a minute or two longer ... a minute or two that could make all the difference in the outcome of a battle.

Whether that booster gives you a bit more range, a bit more tank, a bit more/less damage .. that little bit can defy even the best number-crunchers. Now is that little bit worth the cost of standard boosters? Maybe ..

... if not, there's always synth ;-p


Mynxee said...

I just cashed a couple hundred mil outta my other addiction (Eve Online Hold 'Em)...psssssst.

Anonymous said...

BOINK! You have been tagged!

Jaggins said...

TAG!!! You are now it!

CrazyKinux said...

Hey mates, it's been a month since you last update!! We miss your input! :p


OxBender said...

Uhr--where are ya? We miss ya at E&W